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chap 3 - Femininity – preference for relationships...

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International mgmt – mgmt of business operations conducted in multiple countries Infrastructure – country’s physical facilities that support economic activities Political risk – company’s risk of loss of assets, earning power, or managerial control due to politically based events or actions by host gov’ts Power distance – degree to which people accept inequality in power Uncertainty avoidance – degree of people’s intolerance of ambiguity and support for beliefs that promise certainty and conformity Individualism – preference for social framework in which individuals are expected to take care of themselves Collectivism – preference for a tightly knit social framework in which members look after one other Masculinity – preference for achievement, heroism, assertiveness, work centrality, material success
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Unformatted text preview: Femininity – preference for relationships, cooperation, group decision making, quality of life Long-term orientation – greater concern for the future and high value on perseverance Short-term orientation – concern with the past and present and a high value on meeting social obligations Ethnocentrism – regarding one’s own culture as superior to others Most favored nation clause – GATT clause, member countries must grant other countries the best treatment the accord any country Market entry strategies – strategy for entering foreign market Global outsourcing – engaging in int’l division of labor to obtain the cheapest sources of labor and supplies Culture shock – feelings of confusion, disorientation, anxiety, that result from being immersed in a foreign culture...
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chap 3 - Femininity – preference for relationships...

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