chap 3 - Femininity preference for relationships,...

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International mgmt – mgmt of business operations conducted in multiple countries Infrastructure – country’s physical facilities that support economic activities Political risk – company’s risk of loss of assets, earning power, or managerial control due to politically based events or actions by host gov’ts Power distance – degree to which people accept inequality in power Uncertainty avoidance – degree of people’s intolerance of ambiguity and support for beliefs that promise certainty and conformity Individualism – preference for social framework in which individuals are expected to take care of themselves Collectivism – preference for a tightly knit social framework in which members look after one other Masculinity – preference for achievement, heroism, assertiveness, work centrality, material success
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Unformatted text preview: Femininity preference for relationships, cooperation, group decision making, quality of life Long-term orientation greater concern for the future and high value on perseverance Short-term orientation concern with the past and present and a high value on meeting social obligations Ethnocentrism regarding ones own culture as superior to others Most favored nation clause GATT clause, member countries must grant other countries the best treatment the accord any country Market entry strategies strategy for entering foreign market Global outsourcing engaging in intl division of labor to obtain the cheapest sources of labor and supplies Culture shock feelings of confusion, disorientation, anxiety, that result from being immersed in a foreign culture...
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chap 3 - Femininity preference for relationships,...

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