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Introduction to American Politics Professor Robin Kolodny Edelman Essay Global warming has been a prominent issue in American and worldwide politics since Joseph Fourier popularized the concept of the greenhouse effect in 1824 (Britannica.com). However, the controversy over global warming has been reinvented by former V.P. of the United States Al Gore in his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth . Public support for environmental reform has increased tenfold recently, especially in anticipation of the upcoming election. In Boston on November 3rd, two hundred people waved signs and chanted slogans in very unpleasant weather, trying to draw attention to the issue of global warming (Boston.com). Presidential candidates have almost uniformly spent large blocks of campaigning time addressing environmental issues and making promises as to the change they will make when elected to office. On November 2 nd , John Kerry spoke to the participants of the Energy Revolution Rally in Minute Man National Historic Park in Concord (Boston.com). Hillary Clinton announced several important speeches later this week on global warming and the search for solutions to reduce greenhouse gases from fossil fuels in an economically friendly way (Deseretnews.com). Obviously global warming is a huge issue to voters and politicians alike, but, like all large campaign issues, global warming will be no stranger to controversy once introduced to the American political system and institutions therein. There are many controversies within the topic of global warming. Will the upcoming administration, once having secured power in Washington, truly focus on ending global warming? Can political leaders change America’s attitude to environmental issues or can change only be affected by a dedicated public effort? Presidential
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candidates actively embrace the global warming issue and make promises to “work cooperatively with other nations to come up with policies that will safeguard the environment” (Ron Paul, pesn.com), call the global warming issue “the great moral test of our generation” (John Edwards, Associated Press), and back a “150 billion dollar investment in "climate friendly" energy” (Barack Obama, AFP.com). However, the true controversy in America as related to the institutions of
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edelmanessay - Introduction to American Politics Professor...

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