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The key advantages for the sole proprietorship form

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Unformatted text preview: tages for the sole proprietorship form of business are that the owner can make all the decisions and can keep all the profits. The disadvantage is the limited access to funding. Partnerships have more funding potential, but must share the profits and losses. 6851_BROOKS_SUM_CH01.qxp 7/17/09 9:46 AM Page 2 Chapter 1 Financial Management AT A GLANCE LO8 Illustrate agency theory and the principal-agent problem. Companies are run by managers who may have different goals than the owners. The resolution of these potential problems is the domain of agency theory. The principal- agent problem is the conflict between the owners of the company and the managers hired by the owners to work in the owners’ best interests. LO9 Review issues in corporate governance and business ethics. Corporate governance deals with how a company conducts its business and what controls are put in place to ensure proper procedures and ethical behavior. Although many managers and owners operate in an ethical manner, some do not. The government may add rules and regulations about the conduct of business and its officers to encourage ethical and honest behavior....
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