biogeo test 3

biogeo test 3 - Fundamental vs realized niche How do...

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Fundamental vs. realized niche How do species interactions alter niche relationships? It can alter the species range, resources they use etc. How does the niche relate to changes in a species range? That is, why are species limited in some parts of their range by abiotic factors while other areas are limited by biotic factors? They may be limited by abiotic factors because of unsuitable terrain and undesirable weather conditions and they may be limited by biotic factors such as limited food sources or increased competition for food. Evolution: General What is an allele? Slightly different molecular forms of the same gene. Determine how a trait is expressed. What does the Hardy-Weinberg principle allow us to figure out (allele frequency)? The probability an allele will appear What does it mean when we say that alleles are harmful, neutral, or beneficial, but that the context is what is important (think natural selection)? This refers to their function within the environment. Certain traits may be beneficial in one environment, harmful in another, or have no affect in a third. What is the strict biological definition of evolution
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biogeo test 3 - Fundamental vs realized niche How do...

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