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Social Groups and Formal Organizations

Social Groups and Formal Organizations - Social Groups and...

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Unformatted text preview: Social Groups and Formal Organizations Groups Primary Groups Intimate groups; they provide a sense of who we are; cater to our emotional wellbeing (i.e., family) Secondary Groups Larger, more formal, impersonal, usually connect on common interests, statuses, etc. Secondary Groups Voluntary Associations A group made up of volunteers who organize on the basis of some mutual interest Ex: Girl/Boy Scouts, Chamber of Commerce, Lions, Knights of Columbus, American Legion Other Groups In-Groups The groups we feel loyalty towards Out-Groups The groups we feel antagonistic towards Reference Groups The groups we use as standards to evaluate ourselves Bureaucracy: A More Efficient Group Weber: To achieve more efficient results, the following characteristics are: Clear levels of assignments A division of labor Written rules Written communications and records Impersonality and replaceability Bureaucratic Disadvantages Goal displacement Bureaucracies tend to take on a life of their own, often neglecting the original goal(s) of its existence Red Tape Bureaucracies can be so bound by rules, that they defy all logic Alienation Workers cut off from the finished product of their labor (Karl Marx) Leadership Styles Authoritarian Leader One who give orders Democratic Leader One who tries to gain a consensus Laissez-faire Leader One who is highly permissive Hot Topic 1 So again think in terms of individual/group/bureaucratic interaction within the computer age. Do such interactions prove advantageous and/ or disadvantages to social relations? Argue/defend your point(s), using three examples to support your position. ...
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