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Review For Quiz #1

Review For Quiz #1 - Review Sheet For Quiz#1 EMUS 1832-002...

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Review Sheet For Quiz #1 EMUS 1832-002 Terms Rhythm o Beat: a recurring pulse. The underlying pulse of the music Strong and weak beats: some beats seem louder, or have more emphasis o Meter: the organization of strong and weak beats into a regular pattern Simple duple meter: STRONG-weak-STRONG-weak-STRONG- weak Simple triple meter: STRONG-weak-weak-STRONG-weak-weak Rest: when a beat is left empty (no note) Pick-up: weak beat is the first part of the piece o Tempo: how fast the beat goes Melody: a coherent sequence of pitches o Doesn’t necessarily have to sound nice Harmony: when two or more notes are sounding at the same time Texture: the way in which different musical lines are put together. We categorize music into four different kinds of texture: o Monophonic: (one sound)all playing same melody o Homophonic: (the same sound) one important melody o Polyphonic: (many sounds) more than one melody o Heterophonic: (different sound) one melody being played in different ways Timbre—Overtones o
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