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march28 - out many men were CEOs not one woman was a CEO...

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Sociology of Gender March 31 st , 2008 Notes Homes are looking increasingly like workplaces. Workplaces are looking increasingly more like the home. It is the structure of work itself that leads to the gender differences in the workplace. Comparing women and men in the workplace – their desires, their goals – a lot more similar than different. Women and Men work separately in the workplace, which leads to different pay, - looks like they’re just paying different jobs differently, but it goes back to the fact that women and men are treated differently. Dynamics of work itself that reproduce gender difference. Study of graduates – Standford Business School – 60% male, 40% female – Women & men all said their wanted to be a CEO in a large corp – At the end of 5 years, males and females were roughly in the same career place – 10 years out, the men are 2 or 3 steps ahead of the women, women are in the same place they were five years ago – 15 years
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Unformatted text preview: out many men were CEOs, not one woman was a CEO. The outcomes of women and men are outcomes of the set institution. How does gender inequality get reproduced? What happens when women try and make it in a mans world? Femininity is questioned. Glass ceiling, women do not go past because of persistant gender ideaologies. Belief – if women want to go there, there is something wrong with them. What happens to women who go there? One, invisible as an individual, two become hyper-visible as a member of your group. Puts a ton of pressure on “tokens” – either way you lose – buy into stereotypes you get minimalized, if you don’t buy into stereotypes theres something “wrong.” Women who enter male occupations – mobility is thwarted. Solidarity among tokens is problematic. Femininity is questioned. Normification minimizes differences, asserting your difference helps you hold on to your identity....
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