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Unformatted text preview: the likely origin of chloroplasts? A) mitochondria that had a mutation for photosynthesis B) photosynthetic prokaryotes that lived inside eukaryotic cells C) a combination of mitochondria and Golgi bodies D) prokaryotes with photosynthetic mitochondria E) eukaryotes that engulfed photosynthetic fungi Answer: B Topic: 7.1 Skill: Conceptual Understanding 8) In most green plants, chloroplasts are A) concentrated in a zone of leaf tissue called the mesophyll. B) concentrated in the stomata. C) concentrated in a portion of the leaf called the stroma. D) found throughout the leaf tissue. E) found throughout the plant. Answer: A Topic: 7.2 2 Skill: Factual Recall 9) ________ cells in leaves are specialized for photosynthesis. A) Companion B) Mesophyll C) Sclerenchyma D) Tracheid E) Collenchyma Answer: B Topic: 7.2 Skill: Factual Recall 10) CO2 enters and O2 escapes from a leaf via A) stomata. B) thylakoids. C) grana. D) stroma. E) central vacuoles. Answer: A Topic: 7.2 Skill: Factual Recall 11) In the chloroplast, sugars are made in a compartment that is filled with a thick fluid called the A) stomata. B) thylakoid. C) matrix. D) stroma. E) mesophyll. Answer: D Topic: 7.2 Skill: Factual Recall 12) Chloroplasts contain disklike membranous sacs arranged in stacks called A) cristae. B) thylakoids. C) grana. D) vacuoles. E) stroma. Answer: C Topic: 7.2 Skill: Factual Recall 13) Where is chlorophyll found in a plant cell? A) stroma 3 B) thylakoid membranes C) matrix D) cytoplasm E) cristae Answer: B Topic: 7.2 Skill: Factual Recall 14) The oxygen released into the air as a product of photosynthesis comes from A) water. B) glucose. C) carbon dioxide. D) chlorophyll. E) mitochondria. Answer: A Topic: 7.3 Skill: Factual Recall 15) Which of the following molecules is both a reactant and a product of photosynthesis? A) H2O B) glucose C) O2 D) CO2 E) chlorophyll Answer: A Topic: 7.3 Skill: Conceptual Understanding 16) If you expose a photosynthesizing plant to water that contains both radioactive H and radioactive O, in whi...
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