21April08 - B German forces move into the Balkans and North...

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Road to War and German Expansion Lecture Reading – Sherman, Chapter 24, pages 727-736. I) Germany Expands A) Hitler fulfills promises B) Abandons limits C) Builds army D) Expands into neighboring territory E) “Peace in our time?” II) German Expansion, 1939 A) Czechoslovakia invaded B) Allies promise military support to Poland, Romania, Greece, and Turkey C) Hitler-Stalin (secret) non-aggression pact. D) 1 September – Hitler invades Poland E) 3 September – Britain and France declare war on Germany III) “Phony” and Real War A) Soviets invade Poland on September 17 B) “Phony war” C) By May, “Blizkreig” crushes Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands D) France surrenders June 22, 1940 E) Britain holds, despite blitz IV) Axis Defeat Allies A) Stalin re-annexes territories
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Unformatted text preview: B) German forces move into the Balkans and North Africa C) Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria join the Axis powers D) Yugoslavia and Greece defeated by the Nazis V) Hitler Targets Russia A) June 1941, German army targets Russia B) German army entrenched in Russia during winter C) June 1942, Hitler continues attack D) Nazis get to Stalingrad where the battle rages for 6 months E) Soviets capture Axis soldiers at a great price F) Tide is turned against Nazis VI) Japan Targets United States A) Japan and the United States compete in Pacific B) After Japanese invasion of Indochina, US places a total embargo (including oil) on Japan C) Japan decides to attack US D) US enters the war...
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21April08 - B German forces move into the Balkans and North...

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