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August 29, 2007 Chapter 1: the sociological perspective Three major theoretical perspectives: Structural functionalism Conflict theory Symbolic/Social Interaction Your culture and society has an effect on how you see the world and your perspectives. What is sociology? Systematic study of human society… interactions between groups of people… how people interact with one another… evaluations of other people (first impression) Levels of sociological analysis 1. macro-level (research done on a broad scale) 2. micro-level (social interactions, smaller scale) Characteristics of Sociology 1. sociology is regarded to be a science (research is done and you apply the method) 2. sociology is also a social science 3. sociology is concerned with the study of human social behavior The Global Perspective 1. societies around the world are becoming more interconnected
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Unformatted text preview: 2. social problems are universal 3. gives us further insight into our own culture Benefits of the Sociological Perspective 1. helps us assess the truth of commonly held assumptions (ex: stereotypes) 2. will prompt individuals to assess both the opportunities and constraints that characterize our lives 3. empowers us to participate in our society (informing is educating) 4. helps us recognize diversity and variety Understanding Society Today 1. Theological Stage- gods will, society had no control 2. Metaphysical Stage- started to recognize the fact that not all events were supernatural; became aware; shift occurred 3. Scientific Stage- research method came into existence; people started to study society...
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