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The difference between the pre-9/11 America and the post 9/11 America is fear. Before 9/11, as a society, we did not believe that something such as a large-scale terrorist attack could happen in our most prominent cities. We felt safer flying on planes, taking public transportation, and even crossing bridges. Our nation in the past five years has become a nation of fear. Many citizens have lost their faith in the government, Many government officials have proven to us that they do not deserve to even have our faith. I grew up in New York City, more specifically Manhattan, about twenty blocks north of the World Trade Center. I remember September 11 th , 2001 as if it was yesterday. I was just beginning my eighth grade year at Wagner Middle School. My best friend was Melissa Magazine, we spent about twenty five hours a day together. On September 11 th , the eighth graders were called down to the auditorium for an assembly around 10AM. Melissa and I sat next to each other, as usual, and waited for the principal to begin
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