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August 31 - 6 1970-present The State of Sociology...

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August 31, 2007 Origins of Sociology (fathers of sociology) 1. Adam Smith 2. Auguste Comete The evolution of Sociology in American Society 1. 1893: The Chicago School } 2. 1905: ASA formed (American Sociological Association) } activism 3. 1920’s: Symbolic Interactionism } 4. 1940-1960: A New Direction [began to use stats and numbers: aka: positivism; research needed to be values free or neutral ; views you already had=bias] 5. 1960s: Return to Activism
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Unformatted text preview: 6. 1970-present: The State of Sociology Today (different theoretical perspectives, multiple schools of study and thought) Social Change-Industrialism – how people saw society due to the change in society Sociological Theory 1. What is a Theory?-a way to test something to see if or how they are related 2. Theoretical Paradigm-one’s image/view of society-guides your way of thinking and researching society...
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