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September 7 - Methods of Social Research-What is the...

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September 7, 2007 Objective and Value Free Research - Research must be neutral - Must use the scientific method Limitations of Scientific Sociology - human behavior is complex - humans respond to their surroundings - social patterns change constantly - it has to say value free The Importance of Subjective Interpretation - provides insight to the scientific perspective - science does not account for human motivation and feelings - the sociologist must be able to interpret the results Political Implications - sociologist are affected by society - research is often politically motivated
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Unformatted text preview: Methods of Social Research-What is the research method? Answered previously-The Hawthorne effect- has to do with the group of people being studied; when being studied people will change their actions to suit the studies-Experimental research- laboratory environment for a study-Survey research-question & answer [open ended(how do you feel…) vs. closed ended-( age, gender)]-Interviews-face to face-Participant observation-being present, active observations-Secondary data-using pre-collected data for your own study...
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