The Things They Carried

The Things They Carried - "The Things They Carried Writing...

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“The Things They Carried” Writing 102 An Authors Necessity Necessity is an interesting concept that means different things to very different people. In the novel The Things They Carried , Tim O’Brien states, “The things they carried were largely determined by necessity.” I believe that the items carried by each solider were necessary to the story that O’Brien was trying to tell. Each soldier carried items that were necessary to remind them of life beyond the battlefield, beyond war. In this chapter, O’Brien tells the reader that “Rat Kiley carried comic books.” I believe the comic books symbolize the innocence and youth of the boys who turned into men in the battlefields of Vietnam. I think these comic books were necessary for Rat Kiley to carry with him because they allowed him to feel as though he was still an American boy. I believe he felt more at home having the comic books with him because they contained a piece of his identity. O’Brien may have felt it necessary to have Kiley carrying a youthful object because when speaking of weapons and battlefields, the reader may picture older and more mature men fighting gallantly for their country. In Vietnam, however, this was not the case. O’Brien wanted the reader to understand the horrors these
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The Things They Carried - "The Things They Carried Writing...

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