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September 12 - -non material values beliefs attitudes...

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September 12, 2007 Chapter 2: Culture What is Culture? - Any beliefs, patterns of behavior, attitudes, values, material objects, etc… constitute a way of life. Effects the way we act, think, and the things we own. Ways Culture is passed: - written, observation, language, symbols, etc. Ideal vs. Real Culture - IDEAL: the things that society claims to have freedom, equal opportunity for all, freedom of will (everyone has opportunity) - REAL: the actual cultural traits that are observed and experienced, conflicting values, not all have equal opportunity, etc. Does every society have a culture? Yes. Are the cultures different from one another? Yes Universal Concept : everyone agrees that they have a culture, although it differs from Society to society Components of Culture -Material- tangible objects (flag, money, etc.)
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Unformatted text preview: -non material- values, beliefs, attitudes, behavior Culture Shock-being exposed to another culture and experiencing disorientation/ shock to the extreme Components of Culture *Symbols and Symbolic Meaning-Symbols Create Reality-Symbols change over time *Language *Values and Beliefs-Values are the Guidelines (what we should strive for, etc)-Values and Effect on the Individual (equal opportunity could be seen by some But not by all)-Key Values in America-Inconsistency in Values (diversity) *Norms (expectations and rules of society; deviance= violation of norms) Material Culture -refers to artifacts of society-influences of technology Idealogy-system of beliefs ( all we need to know about idealogy) -statements of reality-will be prompted by those in power...
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September 12 - -non material values beliefs attitudes...

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