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Extended Withholding tax configuration (1)

Wwwsapficoconsultantcom page 50 of 57 click and click

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Unformatted text preview: olding tax information. You can use report RFWT0010 to adjust the withholding tax information to the relevant withholding tax types. www.sapficoconsultant.com Page 50 of 57 Click and Click on 6.2 Change Field Status used in the down payment account The down payment account for special GL indicator A is defined in the configuration which can be seen below using the transaction code OBYR Let us see the field status maintained in the down payment account 119820 using transaction code FS00 www.sapficoconsultant.com Page 51 of 57 Double click on www.sapficoconsultant.com Page 52 of 57 Double click www.sapficoconsultant.com Page 53 of 57 Withholding tax code and tax amounts are suppressed. Therefore when you make a down payment system will not show you a screen for entering the withholding tax code. IMG à Financial Accounting à Financial Accounting Global Settings à Document à Line Item à Controls à Maintain Field Status Variants Select Double click Double click www.sapficoconsultant.com Page 54 of 57 Double click www.sapficoconsultant.com Page 55 of 57 Change to Click on www.sapficoconsultant.com Page 56 of 57 7. Go live checks when uploading Vendor Master Data and Vendor open items 1. Vendor master must be first uploaded in to the Production system without the withholding tax master data. The reason being when Vendor open items are uploaded into the production system if withholding tax information exists on the vendor master, system will calculate withholding tax for each and every item uploaded into the system. 2. Upload Vendor open items into the Production system. 3. After completely uploading vendor open items upload the withholding tax information on the vendor master in the change mode. 4. Execute report RFWT0010 using transaction code SA38 to adjust the withholding tax information on the vendor open items If you have liked the configuration material, please circulate it to your friends and colleagues. Further you can take hold of the entire SAP FICO (e-book) by visiting our website http://www.sapficoconsultant.com www.sapficoconsultant.com Page 57 of 57...
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