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EE2022_2012 complex power and power factor improvement

EE2022_2012 complex power and power factor improvement -...

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EE2022 Electrical Energy Systems Experiment 1 Title: Complex Power & Power factor improvement 1. Aim This experiment familiarizes students with the concept of complex power, power factor and power factor (p.f) correction. The aim of this experiment is To calculate and compare the complex power of a given laboratory scale power system from the measurements of voltage, current, real power and reactive power. To measure the p.f of the given laboratory scale power system and to verify that the p.f can be improved by the addition of capacitors in parallel with the load. 2. Equipments: 2.1. Transformer – 230/20V, 50Hz – 1 Set 2.2. Transmission line model -a resistor (1.2 ohms) and an inductor (2.2 mH) 2.3. Loads – (16.5 ohms,92.6mH and 33 ohms,26mH) – one no. each 2.4. Multimeter 2.5.CW240 Power meter 2.1 Transformer 2.2 Transmission line model 2.3 Transmission line 1.2 & 2.2 mH 2.3 Transmission line 0.H to 0.3H 2.3 Transmission line 1 μF to 99 μF 2.6 Multimeter 2.6 Power-meter
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3. Safety (a) You will be working with electric power. To avoid electric shock, connecting circuits is permitted only after power has been disconnected. Circuits must be inspected by the lab demonstrator before they are powered on. (b) Always choose sufficiently long leads, do not connect two or more short leads to make one long lead. Remove disconnected leads from the bench. (c) Transformers, inductors, resistors and power supplies are quite heavy. The laboratory does not require that this equipment is moved. 4. Log book report Each student must submit an individual report after the completion of this experiment. A good laboratory is concise while providing enough details about the experiment. Use the following guide for your report presentation.
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