EE2022_2012 complex power and power factor improvement

Power meter voltage figure 3 92 mh 26 mh 62

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Unformatted text preview: Clamp on Power-meter 2.2 mH * * 20 V 3 3 ? 1 6 ? Transmission line Clamp on power-meter * * Power-meter Voltage Voltmeter Figure 2 9 0 m H 2 6 m H (d) Connect the circuit as shown in figure 3. Have your circuit checked by the laboratory demonstrator. Switch on the power meter and the power supply. Use the power meter to measure the voltage (V), current (I), p.f (P.F), real and reactive (P & Q) power on the sending end and record the values in Table 1. 1.2 ? Clamp on Pwer-meter 2.2 mH * * Transmission line Clamp on Ammeter 20 V 16 ? * * Voltage 33 ? Power-meter Voltage Figure 3 92 mH 26 mH 6.2 Power factor improvement (a) Calculate the value of capacitance required to improve the p.f found in ste...
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