Review for Quiz #2

Review for Quiz #2 - Review Sheet for Quiz 2 EMUS 1832-02...

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Review Sheet for Quiz 2 EMUS 1832-02 Spring 2008 1. Be able to match representative artist with the styles we’ve discussed— i. Progressive Rock: stretches the expressive and narrative boundaries of rock ii. Hard Rock: a sub-style of rock emerging in the late 1960’s (but reaching peak of popularity in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s with bands such as Van Halen and Foreigner) focusing on the virtuosity of the heavily distorted electric guitars. iii. Heavy Metal: A sub-style of rock emerging in the early 1970's with bands such as Judas Priest featuring dark or morbid lyrics and heavy, riff-oriented, highly virtuosic guitar work. Heavy metal has always been a minority taste--more popular in Europe than in the United States--and has splintered into dozens of categories in the last twenty years (e.g., Speed Metal, Thrash, Death Metal, Doom, etc.). iv. British Invasion: The sudden popularity of British rock and roll groups in the United States in the mid 1960's, starting with the Beatles in 1964 and followed by the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, the Who, and others. Rock historians speak of several "waves" of the British Invasion, this first wave followed by one in the late 1960's (including Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd), a third wave in the late 1970's (coinciding with the advent of punk rock), and yet another wave in the 1980's (with groups such as the Culture Club and Duran Duran). It was the first wave that was most decisive in the history of rock. 1. The Beatles: started as a blues cover band, became huge, 12-bar blues form 2. The rolling stones v. Folk Revival: A reawakening of interest in American folk music that surfaced in the 1950's (partly due to the release of recordings collected by the ethnographer Alan Lomax through the Smithsonian Institute at about this time). Folk music and the blues both became popular at neighborhood coffeehouses
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Review for Quiz #2 - Review Sheet for Quiz 2 EMUS 1832-02...

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