One alternate optimal solution employ 10 full time

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Unformatted text preview: ls”.) 21 Alternate Optimal Solution – In practice, the sequence in which constraints are input into the software may affect the resulting solution produced. – One alternate optimal solution: Employ 10 full-time tellers, and • 6 part-time tellers at 9 A.M. • 1 part-time teller at 10 A.M. • 2 part-time teller at 11 A.M. • 5 part-time tellers at noon. at the same total cost of $1448. 22 Financial Applications Portfolio Selection International City Trust (ICT) invests in shortterm trade credits, corporate bonds, gold stocks, and construction loans. ICT has $5 million available for immediate investment and wishes to achieve the following: (1) maximize interest earned on investments made over the next six months and 23 Portfolio Specification International City Trust Investment Possibilities: Trade credit 7 1.0 Corporate bonds 11 2.5 Gold stock 19 1.5 Construction loans 15 1.8 • Board specifies at least 55% of funds invested must be in gold stocks and construction loans. • No less than 15% be invested in trade 24 Investment Formulation International City Trust Decision Variables: X1 = dollars invested in trade credit X2 = dollars invested in corporate bonds X3 = dollars invested in go...
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