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Blade Runner2 - Seth Knutson English 121 David M. Larson...

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English 121 David M. Larson March 5, 2006 The Story of Blade Runner Some movies require more than one viewing to understand them to the fullest. Blade Runner was one of those movies. Blade Runner had massive potential; it just was not executed to its fullest. There was little character development, the plot seemed just thrown together, and the movie was poorly thought out. If the director could have developed the plot and characters better, the movie would have been a hit. Blade Runner had a great plot, but it failed to make its characters appeal to the audience, and it needed more dialog between the characters to appeal to a broad audience. The Sci-Fi movie is a genre that is well associated with the future, space, androids and futuristic battles. defines science fiction films as follows: Science fiction has been a film genre since the earliest days of cinema. Science fiction films have explored a great range of subjects and themes, including many that can not be readily presented in other genres. Science fiction films have been used to explore sensitive social and political issues, while often providing an entertaining story for the more casual viewer. Today, science fiction films are in the forefront of new special effects technology, and the audience has become accustomed to displays of realistic alien life forms, spectacular space battles, energy weapons, faster than light travel, and distant worlds. Blade Runner came out in the 1980’s and consequently it deals with social and political views. For its time it had state of the art special effects, but was rejected by the mainstream because of the slow pace, and the issues it dealt with. Most of today’s mainstream Sci-Fi films are action packed, with great visuals, or tell an epic story. Blade Runner dealt mostly with just a social issue and therefore did not appeal to the mainstream audience who were used to action packed dramas such as Star Wars. 1
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Blade Runner2 - Seth Knutson English 121 David M. Larson...

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