Identification of Unknown Inorganic Ions

Identification of Unknown Inorganic Ions - Identification...

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Identification of Unknown Inorganic Ions Seth Knutson Lab partner: Mandy 9/28/06 TA: Seth Staples, Thursday 12:00 Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to gain proficiency in performing “spot tests” in precipitation reactions, to write balanced equations, apply solubility rules to identify unknown ions using “spot tests” and to use a flow chart to separate and identify mixtures of common unknown ions. Procedure: In a clean 3 inch test tube we added 1-2 drops of 6M HCl solution to 1mL of our unknown, and stopped when a precipitate formed. We stirred the substance, and then cooled for 3-4 minutes to allow the solid that precipitates to form completely. We centrifuged for a minute and then separated the solid and the liquid from our tube. We added 30 drops of de ionized water to our solid and then heated it in a water bath for 3 minutes, stirring frequently and found no solid in the mixture. We then spot tested with NH4OH and found Pb in the substance. With the liquid from our first centrifuge we
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