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Battle of the Somme Battle of the Marne 1940’s Red Summer -summer of 1919; 26 different race riots, because of the extreme racial tensions resulting from the return of the black/Mexican Americans from war in uniform. Some are very small, but a lot are significant; New York and Washington DC, lynching from lamp posts. o Chicago probably sees the worst riots, has a large black population, hot summer; segregated beach; a lot of African Americans would test the segregation line, a young boy is killed b/c whites threw rocks at him and he drowned. White and Black police officer argue? Riot is the result of this incident and a number of ppl are killed, 23 blacks and 15 whites die over this week long riot. A good example of the red summer riots and the tension of that time. Red Scare A lot of Americans were afraid of communism; socialist and populist; a lot of ppl dreaded the idea of communists A Mitchell Palmer: decides to use this time of fear and hysteria to his advantage; to put his own ideas out there; palmer raids: when the gov’t raid an organization to find ‘communists’ and put them on trial. By jan 1920 a lot of the hysteria goes away and ppl calm down; palmer sees that his popularity is going away; he says that on May 1 st 1920, the communists are going to attack and overthrow the gov’t. When the date comes, nothing happens and he is regarded as a wacko/looser… The 1920’s and the great crash The Great Migration First wave Feminism
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o 19 th amendment (1920) The roaring 20’s o American culture change Radio Movies Automobiles o Selling consumerism o Paying for consumerism The first Conservative Movement o Prohibition o Scopes and his Monkey The Great Crash Terms: National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) National Women’s Party, Edward Bernays, John Scopes, Clarence Darrow, buying on margin ***************************************************************************** * In the 1920’s the population of ppl living in the cities vs living in the country is 2:1 African Americans move to the cities because they don’t like the segregation laws and now places like Chicago, NYC, etc… In this time about 2 million African Americans up and left the south to the north. Chicago increases from 44000 to 250000 ppl migrate to the city from the south. Ppl write to ppl and newspapers that they don’t even know from the south to the north inquiring about the situation in the north and how it is. And these ppl/newspapers actually responds to the ppl in the south and it’s like a chain reaction, when ppl move up, then their families move up and their friends move up and it’s just like a chain reaction. Organizations pop up in train stations to help these migrant African American families
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HIST NOTES! - Battle of the Somme Battle of the Marne...

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