The Behavior of Gasses Boyle's and Charles' Law

The Behavior of Gasses Boyle's and Charles' Law - Once...

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The Behavior of Gasses: Boyle’s and Charles’ Law Seth Knutson Lab partner: Mandy 11/17/06 TA: Seth Staples, Thursday 12:00 Purpose: The objectives of this laboratory were to determine the effect of pressure and temperature on the volume of a gas, graphically deduce the relationship between P&V and T&V, and compare those relationships to Boyle’s Law and Charles’ Law. Procedure: The first part of the experiment called for the use of MicroLab and a pressure syringe. Using a factory calibration, connect the syringe to the MicroLab box when it has a volume of 30mL. Test the pressure values starting at 24 all the way to 54mL. Graph the results, and place a line fit. When testing the effect of temperature on gas volume, the first step was to calibrate the temperature probe using cold, room temperature, and hot water. After that was completed we heated water to approx 80 degrees Celsius, with a capillary tube in the water during the heating process.
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Unformatted text preview: Once heated, the beaker that contained the water was placed on the table and the drop of air bubbles between the bottom and the middle air bubble in the capillary tube was recorded every minute, until the temperature in the beaker was around 5 degrees Celsius. Data: Included stapled to the back. Calculations / Data Analysis: The correlation coefficient from P vs 1/V was .9994(you owe me a 6 pack). The correlation coefficient for V vs T was .9959. The experimentally determined absolute zero was -310. The percent error was 14%. Conclusions: Some of the data presented in this report is from another instance of micro lab, and therefore might be slightly off base with our previous results. At the end of the experiment the program had a fatal error, and closed down before the recording process was finished. I believe however that the data presented in this report is very similar to that of the data found in our own experiment....
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