3operational reliability of optical proximity sensors

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Unformatted text preview: __ 162 magnetoresistive________________________________________ 42, 173 Wiegand- _________________________________________________ 174 Electromagnetic influences _____________________________________ 153 Emitting characteristic, ultrasonic proximity sensors ________________ 185 Exercise 2.1: Protective circuits for mechanical-electrical limit switches __ 33 Exercise 2.2: Switching with low electrical power ____________________ 33 Exercise 3.1: Maximum passing speed of a pneumatic cylinder piston over a reed proximity sensor_____________________________________ 47 Exercise 3.2:Electrical connection of a reed proximity sensor __________ 48 Exercise 3.3:Resolution of a reed proximity sensor___________________ 48 Exercise 4.1:Application of an inductive proximity sensor _____________ 58 Exercise 4.2:Detection of vibrating steel cylinders ___________________ 59 Exercise 5.1:Measuring the filling level in a grain silo_________________ 69 Exercise 5.2:Environmental effects on capacitive proximity sensors _____ 69 Exercise 5.3:Detection of cardboard boxes _...
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