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Unformatted text preview: rements. It is for example also possible to achieve explosion protection by means of encapsulation. The above details merely serve as a rough guide; definitive information is available through relevant standards. NAMUR proximity sensors (inductive, capacitive and magnetic) and NAMUR circuit amplifiers are available from a large number of manufacturers. 15.1.3 Magnetic field proof (welding plant) inductive proximity sensors Inductive proximity sensors resistant to magnetic fields are used in the vicinity of welding equipment. Their mechanical and electrical properties by far exceed those of ordinary proximity sensors. The overall surface of the proximity sensor must be resistant against any occuring welding sparks. Particularly high demands are made on the electronics due to the fact that in the vicinity of such welding equipment currents flow in the kA range. These currents cause a very strong magnetic field and would interfere with the function of an ordinary proximity sensor because the proximity sensor coil repres...
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