If the limit switch is to be approached directly it

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Unformatted text preview: ns. In the case of clamp or screw connections, connections must be insulated. If the cables are soldered on, care should be taken to avoid any heat damage to the switch housing during soldering. A distorted housing can lead to faulty functioning of the switch. The connecting lines to the limit switch are to be kept free of tension. If the limit switch is to be approached directly, it should be noted that it cannot be used as a mechanical end stop (in normal cases). There are many applications, where the disadvantages of mechanical limit switches, such as actuation through touch operation, contact bounce or wear, do not matter. In these cases, it is possible to take advantage of these moderately priced components. Typical areas of application for mechanical limit switches include, for example. instances where there is noisy electrical environment as a result of electro-magnetic fields, such as in the case of welding facilities, where electronic proximity sensors can fail. There are precision control switches with a very high switching point accuracy of e.g. 0.001 mm, which...
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