In that sense one speaks of extrinsic conduction

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Unformatted text preview: anged in Wheatstone bridge circuits. The bridge voltage changes under the influence of an external magnetic field. The effect is not linear; saturation occurs at a change in resistance of approximately 1 – 2 %. In polycrystalline, ferromagnetic materials the change in resistance also depends on the direction of incidence of the magnetic field. Magnetoresistive sensor Magnetoresistive sensors often consist of semi-conductive materials such as indium-antimonide (InSb) or indium-antimonide/nickel-antimonide (InSb-NiSb), which change their electrical resistance in the presence of a magnetic field. The output resistance of a magnetoresistor without an external magnetic field and at room temperature depends on the dimensions and the conductivity of the material used. The conductivity of the semi-conductor is determined by its dotation. By dotation one understands the deliberate introduction of impurity atoms into a semiconductor in order to increase its conductivity. In that sense one speaks of extrinsic c...
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