In this instance we are only concerned with the

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Unformatted text preview: FP 1110 1. General notes 1.5.1 Overview of position sensors Fig. 1.5.1 illustrates the different types of contactless position sensors in separate groups according to physical principles and type, whereby basically each sensor type can be either an analogue or binary sensor. In this instance, we are only concerned with the binary type. analogue: ... Magnetic position sensors with contacts binary: magnetic proximity sensors contactless pneumatic output analogue: ... Inductive position sensors binary: inductive proximity sensors analogue: ... Capacitive position sensors binary: capacitive proximity sensors analogue: ... Optical position sensors binary: optical proximity sensors Through-beam with/ without FOC* Light barriers Retro-reflective with/ without FOC* with FOC* Diffuse sensors without FOC* analogue: ... Ultrasonic position sensors Pneumatic position sensors binary: ultrasonic proximity sensors binary: pneumatic proximity sensors Ultrasonic barriers Ultrasonic sensors Back pressure sensors Reflexsensors Air barriers *FOC = Fibre optic cable Fig. 1.5.1: Classification of sensors for position detection (FOC = Fibre optic cable) ©...
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