It is for example also possible to achieve explosion

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Unformatted text preview: ange for changing the switching status is between 1.2 mA and 2.1 mA. • The safe switching status "inhibiting" is between 0.4 mA and 1.0 mA. • The safe switching status "conducting" is above 2.2 mA. • Monitoring and response ranges are defined for the interruption of the circuit (line break monitoring). • A short circuit response is defined within the circuit (short circuit monitoring). • Certain test conditions and data sheet specifications must be adhered to. Note For protection type "Intrinsically safe" the following additional standards apply (for instance in Germany): • DIN VDE 0165 • DIN 50014-1977 / VDE 0170 / 0171 Part 1 / 5.78 DIN 50020-1977 / VDE 0170 / 0171 Part 7 / 5.78 Furthermore, the DIN standard 57 165 defines three zones with explosion hazard for flammable gases, fumes and vapours (zone 0, zone 1 and zone 2) as well as two zones (zone 10, zone 11) for flammable dust. For each of these zones certain requirements have been defined for electrical installations, whereby the "intrinsic safety" requirement represents just one of several requi...
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