Paramagnetic materials diamagnetic materials

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Unformatted text preview: ower dissipation increases with the square root of the permeability. With the increase in conductivity, power dissipation on the other hand decreases. Power dissipation is decisive as regards attenuation of the oscillator. In the case of materials with high power dissipation, attenuation already occurs at greater distances leading to switching, but in the case of lower power dissipation at small distances only. Diamagnetism, paramagnetism and ferromagnetism Materials, which reduce the magnetic field of a measuring coil, are described as diamagnetic, i.e. permeability is less than 1. The reduction is, however, very small. With paramagnetic materials, a slight strengthening of the field occurs, i.e. permeability is higher than 1. Ferromagnetic materials considerably strengthen the magnetic field and as such are given a separate name. Their permeability is considerably higher than 1 and apart from that they depend heavily on pretreatment of materials. Paramagnetic materials Diamagnetic materials Ferromagnetic materials Manganese Zinc Ir...
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