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Physical fundamentals the value of h0 depends on the

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Unformatted text preview: ss powerful effect on the various switching distances of different materials with the typical oscillator frequencies used. As a rule, the oscillator frequency for inductive proximity sensors is in the range of 300 – 800 kHz. Up to now, the dependence of the switching distance of the material to be attenuated could not be calculated explicitly. Power dissipation in the attenuating material Losses are created as a result of eddy currents in a metal plate. Assuming that the depth of penetration of the field is small and that the approaching field does not penetrate the metal plate, the following applies: power dissipation π⋅f ⋅µ 2 = H0 area κ H0 µ µ0 µr κ f © Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. KG • FP 1110 = r.m.s value of the magnetic field strength of the stray field on the plate surface = µ0 · µr = Magnetic permeability, = 1.257 · 10-6 Vs/Am = Magnetic field constant, = Relative permeability = Electrical conductivity = Frequency 161 11. Physical fundamentals The value of H0 depends on the distance of the plate from the proximity sensor and from the field distribution. P...
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