Process status variables for instance are physical

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Unformatted text preview: variables. Process status variables, for instance, are physical variables such as temperature, pressure, force, length, rotation angle, container level, flow etc. There are sensors for most of these physical variables which react to one of these variables and pass on the relevant signals. 1.2 Terms 1.2.1 Sensor A sensor is a technical converter, which converts a physical variable (e.g. temperature, distance, pressure) into a different, more easily evaluated variable (usually an electrical signal). Additional terms for sensors are: Encoders, effectors, converters, detectors, transducers. The designation "measuring sensor" should be avoided. In sensing terms, a "displacement encoder" does not cause displacement, but rather records the "displacement" variable. A sensor does not necessarily have to generate an electrical signal. Example – Pneumatic limit valves generate a pneumatic output signal (in the form of a pressure change). Sensors are devices which...
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