Sensors are available to a pressure level of up to 80

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Unformatted text preview: ctive proximity sensors in stainless steel design with a ceramic front surface. A version in PBTP housing material is available for welding currents of up to 100 kA. Welding currents Distance [mm] I [kA] 12.5 25 50 100 5 80 mT 40 mT 20 mT 10 mT 10 160 mT 80 mT 40 mT 20 mT 20 320 mT 160 mT 80 mT 40 mT 50 800 mT 400 mT 200 mT 100 mT 100 1600 mT 800 mT 400 mT 200 mT Table 15.1.1: Reference values for magnetic induction The proximity-related calculation of magnetic induction B in mT can be made using the following formula: B I/ A ≈ 0.2 ⋅ mT a / mm I = Current in amps a = Distance in mm 230 © Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. KG • FP 1110 15. Special designs and variants of proximity sensors 15.1.4 Inductive proximity sensors for higher temperature range While normal inductive sensors cover a temperature range of -25 – 70 °C, there are sensors to cover requirements at the higher temperature limit of 100 – 250 °C. 15.1.5 Inductive proximity sensors for higher pressure range For use in hydraulic systems and for underwater research at deep se...
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