The diffuse sensor must be aimed vertically at the

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Unformatted text preview: caused by a thin cardboard box is relatively small, it may be that the capacitive sensor is unable to detect the boxes. In this instance, each individual case must be checked as to whether the proximity sensor responds to all objects which it is to detect. A change in sensitivity can usually be made by adjusting the potentiometer screw on the capacitive proximity sensor. Please take into consideration that the humidity content of cardboard may have an influence on the switching distance. Exercise 5.4 Detection of a transparent panel Capacitive proximity sensor A capacitive proximity sensor reacts to capacitance changes. The capacitance change which is caused by 0.1 mm thick plastic film is insufficient to actuate the sensor. Wall thicknesses of more than 1 mm are generally required for materials made of plastic in order to actuate a capacitive proximity sensor. Optical proximity sensor A diffuse sensor is suitable for use as an optical solution. Sensitivity can be adjusted by means of the setting poten...
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