This can lead to incorrect signals parallel

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Unformatted text preview: ith parallel connection of proximity sensors in two-wire technology, the following points must be observed: • Because the sum of all possible quiescent currents of parallel connected proximity sensors flows via the load in the unswitched status, steps must be taken to ensure that this does not lead to a malfunction of controllers connected downstream. • If a proximity sensor has switched through, then it "withdraws" the supply voltage from the other parallel connected proximity sensors. This has the effect, that the remaining proximity sensors can no longer indicate their actual switching status. If the first proximity sensor now returns to its unswitched status, then a second already activated proximity sensor can only indicate its switching status correctly after the ready delay time of the actual proximity sensor. This can lead to incorrect signals. • Parallel connection is not possible with NAMUR-technology. + 24 V DC BN(1) BN(1) BU(3) BU(3) L 0V Load (L) Fig. 10.3.1: Parallel connection in two-wir...
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