Yes however the values specified in the data sheets

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Unformatted text preview: nt on the diameter of the active surface "a" of the proximity sensor and on the angle α: ∆h = a ⋅ sin α sin2α With a = 1 mm (using a polymer fibre-optic cable) and an angle of α = 10° – 45°: ∆h = 0.5 – 0.7 mm 3. If the liquid in the container moves, for example, if foam is on the liquid or if the proximity sensors are splashed during filling. 4. Molten candle wax is prone to hardening on the outer edges, if the container is emptied quickly and heated from the base only. For this reason, filling level measurement cannot be carried out at the edge of the container. If set for the centre, this solution is suitable if it can be guaranteed that no unmelted remnants are floating in the melted wax. 5. Vertically onto the surface of the liquid or through the container wall (for example, with correspondingly thin container side made of plastic) by means of capacitive proximity sensors. By means of float switches, potentiometer sensors, hydrostatic pressure measurement...
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