G a coil with a shielded ferrite core with the

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Unformatted text preview: scription Inductive-magnetic proximity sensors These proximity sensors, similar to inductive proximity sensors, have a built-in oscillator (LC oscillating circuit). In contrast to inductive proximity sensors, however, the oscillating coil is not of a half-shell core design creating a magnetic field directed outwards, but a coil with a closed-shell core design, e.g. a coil with a shielded ferrite core. With the approach of a permanent magnet, the core material of the oscillator coil is saturated, thereby causing a variation in the oscillator current of the proximity sensor. A trigger stage evaluates the change and converts it into a defined output signal. These proximity sensors only react to magnetic fields, but not to any metallic objects. With these proximity sensors, the direction of the magnetic polar axis in comparison with the proximity sensor axis must be taken into consideration. 1 3 2 LED display on the reverse side (1) Cable or plug-type connection (2) Active surface (3) Fig. 3.2.1: Inductive-magnetic proximity sensor Magnetoresistive proximity sensors...
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