G proximity sensors with a nominal switching distance

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Unformatted text preview: nks manufacturer would like to use a proximity sensor to detect automatically which empty bottles returns are fitted with light metal screw caps. The bottles are to pass below a proximity sensor on a conveyor belt (see illustration). Because of the variation in bottle height and the different screw caps fitted a maximum tolerance in height H of 8 mm should be calculated. 1. Which solution of optical proximity sensors is to be recommended? 2. Is it also possible to use inductive proximity sensors (e.g. proximity sensors with a nominal switching distance of 8 mm)? Fig. 6.6.5: Separating bottles with or without sealing caps 106 © Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. KG • FP 1110 7. Ultrasonic proximity sensors 7.1 Function description The operational principle of an ultrasonic proximity sensor is based on the emission and reflection of acoustic waves between an object and a receiver. Normally, the carrier of these sound waves is air. The travelling time of the sound is measured and evaluated. 6 Osc...
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