Limit switches force sensors or without contact eg

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Unformatted text preview: can operate both by means of contact, e.g. limit switches, force sensors, or without contact, e.g. light barriers, air barriers, infrared detectors, ultrasonic reflective sensors, magnetic sensors etc. Even a simple limit switch can be interpreted as a sensor. © Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. KG • FP 1110 11 1. General notes Within a controlled process, sensors represent the "perceivers" which monitor a process by signalling faults and logging statuses and transmitting such information to other process components. To quote a human example: Eye brain (visual faculty) limbs A sensor becomes useful only with regard to processing or evaluating. e.g. Eye + visual faculty outline recognition, colour, 3D-vision, motion sequences 1.2.2 Sensor component Apart from the word "sensor", the following terms are also used: By a sensor component we are talking about the part of a sensor or sensor system, which records a measured variable, but does not permit an independent utilization, because additional signal pr...
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