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LS312: Final Project Part 1 – Kristina Hough What are the ethical issues or concerns in this Energy Cooperative Case study? How can this be resolved applying KANT"s Categorical Imperative? How can this be resolved applying MILL's Theory of Utilitarianism? How can this be resolved applying the theory of RIGHT's based of ethical decision making? How can this be resolved applying the theory of JUSTICE based ethical decision making? How would these issues be resolved a t each stage of KOHLBERG's Levels of Moral Development?(label the stages) 1. Board members have no allegiance to any particular company and are self- employed. 2. A board member wants to use being on the Board of Directors for his own personal benefit by stating that he is Director while speaking with his own clients. 3. To say “I am calling as director” implies he is 1. It is not right for a self- employed Director to use the affiliation with a group for his own benefit. 2.
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