philosophy exam 1 paper corrected

philosophy exam 1 paper corrected - stolen the drug....

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Justin Fama Philosophy 3/12/08 Philosophy Exam #1 Paper According to the circumstances, I believe that the man should have definitely stolen the drug for his dying wife. The man’s logical reasoning runs parallel with the principle of psychological egoism. His actions may seem to not be selfish when looking at it in a basic way, but through deeper analysis, you could argue that he did what he did in large- part because of how he would benefit. If the man lost his wife, a wife we would normally assume he loves, he would be devastated, and lose a large and important part of his life. So, in reality, and not necessarily in a bad way, he was being selfish, technically, doing what would benefit him mostly, which would be to save his wife’s life. If we were to substitute a friend or acquaintance of his for his wife in this situation, then the benefit of stealing the drug may have been less-worth the trouble, and maybe he would have not
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Unformatted text preview: stolen the drug. Furthermore, I believe that the man had every right to take the measures necessary to obtain the drug, given the unethical practices of the druggist. He was taking the approach of psychological egoism as well, but in a less-admirable way. He was obviously acting out of self-interest, trying to make excessive amounts of money off his newly-found drug. He did this, even with the mans wife on her death bed, rather than accept the $1000, which would have still been a more-than-generous profit from the $200 that it took to make the drug. He did not feel that he was obligated to respond to the needs of others, unless there was something of extreme significance in return for himself. For the reasons above, the man should have, in my opinion, stolen the drug for his dying wife, based on two different uses of psychological egoism....
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philosophy exam 1 paper corrected - stolen the drug....

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