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Final test - Punishments of France by the Germans after the...

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November 16, 2007 Punishments of France by the Germans after the Franco-Prussian war Napoleon III was captured at Sadan 1. Alsace went back to the Germans. 2. The war debt that France had to pay for 5 billion francs 3. German troops marched through the arc of triumph 4. Germans go down to Versailles (great palace) and crown Wilhelm I as Kaiser (German emperor), absurd for the Germans to go this far -the French will get them back some day for the mistreatment after defeat, this happens after WWI, then the way the Germans are mistreated will contribute to WWII. November 26, 2007 Auto Bon Bismarck (German Chancellor) Started 3 wars o Denmark, Austria (to prove how weak they were), and France Wilhelm I (German president) went from being chancellor to being German President 1871-1890 he was German President Problems he had Domestic Issues that he had to deal with o Wanted all schools to be state schools, wants to teach the same things o Catholics did not want their schools to become state schools. Did not rebel with bullets. Created their own political party to get elected to the legislature and with help from friends in the legislature, they were able to stop Bismarck. Center Party - Catholics- name of party formed in opposition to Bismarck. Reichstag - The legislature of Germany up until WWII… o Kulturkampf - Culture struggle between Bismarck and the Catholics 1880s- a struggles between Bismarck and socialists (Socialist party of Deutschland) Socialism - Government ownership of the means of production and distribution. The government makes the decisions of everything. He, Bismarck, decides to pass some major social laws to “steal the thunder” of the socialist party. “When you are opposed while you are in power, essentially use that power to diffuse them.
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More social legislation than the British, Americans, or anyone else in the West. He is 30 years ahead of the British and 50 years ahead of the U.S. Socialist Laws 1. Old age pensions 2. Unemployment Compensation 3. Financial aid to unwed mothers. In 1888, the Kaiser, Wilhelm 1, died. He had been dominated by Bismarck. Kaiser Wilhelm II- Despised Bismarck (the Chancellor) Why there was a tiff between them 1. Age- 40 years+ between Bismarck and this second Kaiser. 2. Second Kaiser’s mother had dominated him and he was not going to be dominated by his chancellor. 3. Kaiser II had a withered hand which made him feel self-conscious and not like a whole man. 4. Bismarck did not want an overseas empire and the Kaiser did! Why did Bismarck NOT want an overseas empire? Germany is in the middle of Europe. Bismarck’s concern is since France and Russia are surrounding them, there could be a two-front war and they would be fighting both sides. They are going to have to concentrate on Germany in Europe. Wilhelm II created the
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Final test - Punishments of France by the Germans after the...

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