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Book Notes Chapter 1 Chemistry and Measurement An Introduction to Chemistry Chemistry: the science of the composition and structure of materials and of the changes that materials undergo 1.1 Modern Chemistry: A Brief Glimpse A. Atoms: small particles that compose material B. Molecules: arrangement of atoms 1. All form of life appear to share many of the same molecules and molecular processes 2. DNA consists of 2 intertwined molecular chains; each chain consits of links of four different types of molecular pieces a. Organisms store the information for reproducing itself in DNA b. In multicellular organisms, every cell contains the same DNA 1.2 Experiment and Explanation A. Experiment: an observation of natural phenomena carried out in a controlled manner so that the results can be duplicated and rational conclusions obtained B. Law: A concise statement or mathematical equation about a fundamental relationship or regularity if nature 1. Example: Law of conservation of mass- mass or quantity of matter remains constant during chemical change C. Hypothesis: a tentative explanation of some regularity of nature D. Theory: a tested explanation of basic phenomena 1. Example: Molecular theory of gases- all gases are composed of very small particles called molecules 2. Theories cannot be proven absolutely 1.3 Law of Conservation of Mass
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booknoteschap1 - Book Notes Chapter 1 Chemistry and...

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