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Response 9 - John Xu Brand's article regarding the...

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John Xu 10/26/07 Brand’s article regarding the development of Spacewar exemplifies the use of computing necessarily for the conscious bettering of society, but rather as something as simple and seemingly useless as having fun. However, it is with this type of mentality and approach to the world of computing that seems to be most effective, and captures some sense of the human spirit in a world that would otherwise seem to be devoid of life and warmth, similar to the one that Kurt Vonnegut describes in his novel “Player Piano”. With Spacewar the development of machines was dictated by what the users wanted for their own enjoyment. In this sense, they were the masters of the machines rather than the other way around. However, most interestingly, this superficially useless and frivolous task of playing games actually resulted in the extremely rapid development of computing technology. The original Spacewar was modified shortly after it came out and new additions were made. Furthermore, the importance of this game could be seen
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Response 9 - John Xu Brand's article regarding the...

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