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Year Instruments and Machines Uses People Institutions and Ideas 1600 1623 1624 1652 1660/1670 Napier’s bones First auto calculator First modern logarithms The Pascaline Calculating machine Astronomy, navigation, surveying Napier Schickard Briggs Pascal Morland/Leibniz Scientific revolution, wealth increases, more tools for calculations, analog. Mechanical philosophy- world can be understood as a mechanical system. Simulating living things Logarithms Calculus 1786 1792 Idea for difference engine Log and trig tables Muller de Prony Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations - Division of labor, highly trained workers become manual laborers. Habitual vs intellectual. Enlightenment, idealism of rationality 1776 U.S. Revolution 1789 French Revolution provided motivation, optimism 1822 1826 1834 1853 1873 1880 1884 1886 1890 Difference engine started
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Unformatted text preview: Table of logarithms Analytical engine conceived First difference engine First typewriter Filing system Cash register Adding machine/printer Tabulator Business, finance, data processing Babbage Scheutz Remington Rand Patterson Felt/Burroughs Hollerith 1760-1830 Industrial Revolution, steam power, telegraph, government tries to keep up with industrialization through information technology. 1930 1938 1939 1941 1943 1945 Differential analyzer Z1 Z2 Z3 Harvard Mark I ENIAC Banking, census taking, surveillance, statistics, social science, accounting, military, ballistics, government taxation, universities Bush Zuse Aiken + IBM Mauchly + Eckert Scientific management/ Taylorism- method in management theory that determines changes to improve labor productivity...
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