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The Cornell Theory Center

The Cornell Theory Center - The Cornell Theory Center John...

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Unformatted text preview: The Cornell Theory Center John Xu The Beginning of the CTC Technology of the Cornell Theory Center The Supercomputer: IBM 3090 IBM's Parallel FORTRAN Multiple processors Reduces program execution time Parallel Processing Used when independent calculations are possible Data parallelism: Same calculations done on different data Functional parallelism: Different calculations contribute to the overall problem IBM's 3090 Processor Complex 1985 Interdisciplinary Research Some areas of Research Engineering Chemistry Mathematics Physics Economics Geology Examples of Research Geology Huge trucks create vibrations at controlled frequencies, and are recorded by geophones. These signals are analyzed using supercomputers Computing speed is not the only problem Examples of Research Protein Folding How do polypeptide chains fold into proteins? Make predictions about the conformation of proteins based on lowest potential energy Multiple local minima, need to find global minimum Pheromone binding protein IBM's SP2 1995 Problems in Research Limited by time Sacrifice accuracy of models for faster computation Improvements in computing technology will eventually allow for more detailed models Intel Xeon The CAVE ...
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