Chapter 5 - Public Opinion How do we know what people...

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Public Opinion How do we know what people think? Do we ask every person? Sample Sampling 1000-1500 people is the magic voodoo number for sampling. Random Sampling- the selection of survey respondents by chance, with equal probability, to ensure their representativeness of the whole population Sampling error when you call, who you are calling Sampling bias open ended questions when do you call people who is your polling population wording effects (using different vocabulary) What is used most commonly now? Random digit dialing except that this does not account for cell phone users (main mode of communication) and poor people because they do not have home phones Internet is a horrible place to do surveys, self-selecting bias Political Socialization- the process by which individuals come to have certain core beliefs and political attitudes How do we get this? how do we get the stuff in us that teaches us the core American values, and our morals Are we random idiots? Converse’s ‘nonattitudes’ o You give the answer that you think the interviewer wants o They actually don’t know what they are thinking Wording affects a lot o If a survey says ‘right to choose’ you see a very different response than ‘killing babies’ Question order o First questions can set mindsets and affect later responses Close-ended vs. open-ended o ‘yes/no’ may not really be how people feel o ‘ramble ramble ramble’ can be difficult to analyze What impacts how we think? Families!
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Chapter 5 - Public Opinion How do we know what people...

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