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Formal Lab Report
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Unformatted text preview: Stephen Frianeza Chemistry 1AL Lab 100 9/24/12 Acids in the Environment II: Indicator Titration Abstract The task in this experiment was to accurately determine the molarity of an HCl solution of unknown concentration. The solution was diluted and then a titration was performed using the base Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (TRIS) and bromocresol green indicator. TRIS in solution with the indicator turns blue, and the dilute HCl was added until it turned green. After three trials with less than 4% difference were performed, the average molarity of the dilute HCl was calculated to be 0.1123 M. Introduction The chemical reaction taking place in this experiment is the following: HCl(aq) + TRIS + TRIS- Where TRIS = (HOCH 2 ) 3 CNH 2 The goal of the experiment is to accurately determine the molarity of the unknown HCl solution to 4 significant figures. The measuring instrument with the least number of significant figures is the buret with 4, so the calculations will be accurate to at most 4 figures. By figuring out the molarity of the solution, the potential danger of it will be known and it can be used to obtain accurate data in other experiments. HCl will be titrated to the basic TRIS solution, and the color shown by the indicator will be carefully monitored for changes. The method of titration was chosen due to the accuracy of monitored for changes....
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