Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 The Mass Media What is the mass media...

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Chapter 6: The Mass Media What is the mass media? o Media that is provided for the masses o Free to everyone The First Amendment… is it important? o Gives us the right to free speech which many other countries do not have Media tells us about our choices History of Media 1st newspapers 1690… grew in 1700s… 1st American newspaper 1760 Free press was one of the major concerns of the Anti-Federalists Press used to educate public about new political system o Very raunchy o Enquirer type of stuff Thomas Jefferson's relationship with the press o Sally Hemmings, was the half sister of his 1 st wife o Richmond newpaper editor wanted to be Jefferson’s postmaster, didn’t get the job, and published Sally Hemmings story History Continued. .. Penny press 1833. . Targets masses o Able to print papers cheaply, to give it back to the masses 1850-1900 papers go from 254 to 2,226 and circulation from 758,000 to 15 million o huge number of papers in the hands of the people o only 40% was hard news o 60% were ads William Randolph Hearst, Citizen Kane and yellow journalism o Hearst was a powerful newspaper editor o Spanish was war was started by him, made up story about the USS MAINE o Yellow journalism-comes from the yellow kid, was run in the Hearst newspaper, had sensational stories o Citizen Kane- Orson Wells, interpretation of Hearst’s Life, wasn’t widely released, what is rosebud?, rosebud was Hearst’s nickname for his mistresses vagina, Hearst was really upset Newspaper readership down… o People begin self-selecting the news that they read o Before people would skim and catch all of the information o People think that the newspapers are fluffy now days More on timeline 1928 – 1 st radio broadcast of an election 1948 – 1 st TV broadcast of an election 1952 – 1 st presidential campaign ads on TV 1960 – 1 st presidential debates on TV
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1979 – C-SPAN created 1980 – CNN created 1992 – candidates use talk shows instead of news programs 1996 – 1 st use of presidential candidate home pages 2000 – explosion of WWW for primary campaign tool How long did it take to get 50 million users Radio- 38 years TV – 13 years Internet – 4 years More on Media Magazines o Pamplets it the beginning and morphed into magazines
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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 The Mass Media What is the mass media...

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